Thursday, July 3, 2008

The John Sims Group- In These Modern Times LP

This is a kinda weird, eclectic, jazz-funk-boogie-rock LP out of Minneapolis, released in 1985, released on Pendulum Productions (the label's address on the back cover has the same zip code as my current address.) The all music an the album was written by John Sims himself, and he shows off his talent as a multi-instrumentalist as plays keys, guitar, bass, percussion/drum machine, and sings. The standout song on here is "Funk That Junk", a boogie/funk joint with a synth bassline and some nice vocals by singer Mary Michaels. Listen to "Funk That Junk" below.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Montage Project One

Private press LP out of Wisconsin, produced by M.L. Productions out of West Allis, WI (a suburb of the great city of Milwaukee) recorded and released in 1978. This LP has a great jazz-funk-soul feel, enhanced on most tracks, by the vocals of lead singer Marcia Cunningham. The real burner on the album is a mostly instrumental song entitled "Bahia Honda", a funky, uptempo jazz track with some real nice Latin-flavored vocal harmonies and lots of changes throughout the track. Reminds me a little of "Brazilian Love Affair" era George Duke material, but without as much synthwork and a little less obvious in Brazilian influence. The band's focus on percussion and rhythm is felt throughout as all the tracks move nicely. Recommended for those who can get there hands on it. Listen to "Bahia Honda" below.

MP3- "Bahia Honda"